We provide a wide selection of cheese items for the retail, foodservice and food manufacturing industries.  With a wide selection of slices, chunks, shreds, loaves, snack, waxed and shelf stable items, we have the ability to fill all of your cheese needs.  Customized solutions are available.  No concept or idea will be overlooked.  Contact a GDC sales representative to help design a program that fits your needs.

Raw Material Cheese

 Colby  Pepper Jack
Baby Swiss
 Colby Jack
 Brick  Gouda - Smoked & N.S.
 Mild Cheddar
 Muenster  Havarti
 Medium Cheddar
 O.R. Muenster
 Sharp Cheddar
 Farmer  Romano
 Extra Sharp Cheddar
 Reduced Fat Cheddar
Smoked & N.S.
 Monterey Jack
 A Grade Swiss
 Yellow American
Jalapeno Pepper
 Extra Hot Jalapeno Pepper
 White American
 Salami  Chipolte
 Swiss American
 Bacon  Garlic
 Lo Fat American
 Horseradish  Vegetable
 Cheese Spread
 Onion  Sharp American
 EZ Melts
 Restricted Melts
 **Custom formulations**

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GDC and Associates, Inc.
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