We offer a full line of Private Label packaged cheese programs for dairy, deli and meat departments.  House label programs are available upon request.


VEE Cut, Fancy or Feather Shred
Single Cheese or Blended
Available in package sizes 4oz - 32oz

Shingle Slice
Single Cheese up to 4 cheese variety packs
Full Slice and half slice options
Approximate slice size .25oz - 1oz
Available in package sizes 6oz - 24oz

Stack Slice
Full, half and Quarter slice options
Approximate slice size .25oz -1oz
Available in package sizes 6oz - 32oz

Rapid Pack Slices

6/2# Package
Approximate slice size .5oz
64 slices per package

6/2.5# Package
Approximate slice size .75oz
53 slices per package

Exact Wt. Chunks
Available in package sizes .75oz - 32oz

Random Wt.Chunks
Available in 9-15oz & 18-26oz package sizes

Exact Wt Waxed Items
Daisies, split horns, midgets, split midgets, rounds, chunks & wedges

Deli Loaves

Available in sizes 5lb or 10lb

Natural Cheese sticks, flats, cubes and string cheese
.75oz to 2oz Individual unit sizing
Package size .75oz - 32oz

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GDC and Associates, Inc.
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